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Hotel & Pub Industry

Hotels attract a diverse mix of patrons and are a traditional social gathering place for friends to meet for a bite to eat or a relaxing drink, and to enjoy responsible gambling. Ensuring that your VIP lounge offers a variety of gaming machines and games in what is usually a small footprint is key to providing patrons with additional entertainment. That’s where IGT can help - we have the expertise and resources to boost your hotel’s gaming experience.

Equipping your venue

Providing a mix of gaming machines that appeal to the different types of patrons that frequent the venue at different times of the day can generate additional traffic in your VIP lounge and provide your players with variety and choice. IGT can help you figure out just what games are right for you - whether your hotel is on the small or large side, and you’ll be able to fine-tune your players’ gaming experience with our diverse game library.

Our poker machines are easy to set up and maintain, and we offer a large number of games that can be used to fulfill any number of gaming mix needs. We have a variety of gameplay styles and denominations on offer, with our multi-game packages, providing the best value possible for your venue. We also offer cost-effective gaming management solutions to help you keep track of important information over time. With IGT’s ADVANTAGE CLUB, you gain access to a frictionless solution to handle all of your machines and adjust preferences to your liking - no confusing interface or complicated setup.

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A company with a strong foothold

IGT has established a strong relationship with pubs and hotels across Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to producing gaming products, systems and services that meet the needs of this evolving industry and that comply with gaming regulations and legislation in every jurisdiction across ANZ. By choosing IGT, you get the opportunity to collaborate with a gaming company that has many years of experience in the gaming industry, one that can help you whether you need a few new machines or an entire overhaul of your gaming offerings.


Building a responsible and profitable business in the hospitality market can be fraught with pitfalls - it is important to be aware of local regulations to ensure that you are abiding by the law in Australia and your particular jurisdiction. IGT has the experience to help you through every step of this process - we are gaming industry professionals who have the expertise you need to remain compliant with local and national regulations.

IGT has built a strong relationship with pubs and hotels in Australia and New Zealand. This association ensures that our gaming products, systems and services are designed to meet the changing needs of the pub industry and provide gaming products that meet recreational and community-based requirements. We also recognise the importance of intervention in the prevention or treatment of problem gambling. If you or anyone else you know has a gambling problem, be sure to call the Australian gambling helpline at 1800 858 858.

Remember, responsible gambling practices start at the personal and social level.


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