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Gaming machine management systems 

Gaming management systems are necessary to ensure you have the level of insight into your gaming operations that you need. IGT doesn’t just manufacture machines and develop games, we also offer intuitive systems software that allows you to seamlessly manage your gaming floor. Also, our range of mobile applications and contactless solutions enable your players to have an easier, more frictionless experience in your venue.  

As one of the premier gaming industry companies in Australia, IGT has the solutions and technology you need to integrate a truly successful and cost-effective gaming solution. 


IGT has the experience and expertise to make gaming management more efficient and cost-effective, in addition to being able to meet future growth requirements, with its ADVANTAGE CLUB® solution, which is designed for small, large and multi-site venues. 


  • Streamline machine accounting -you’ll have the monitoring you need to ensure your gaming floor is running smoothly and correctly. 
  • Market to players more efficiently - player loyalty and bonusing that stops your players going to competitors by rewarding them for their loyalty withpersonalisedbonuses. 
  • Provide data to aid management decisions and planning - IGT apps have access to important data that can inform your broader operations. 

With personalised support, IGT’s Systems team works with your venue to implement the right solution for now and the future. ADVANTAGE CLUB® brings together countless features and tools in one easy-to-use, affordable package. Looking to gain insight into the revenue generated via your machines during a particular time? Interested in implementing cashless gaming? Want to offer bonuses during certain events via your machines? ADVANTAGE CLUB® can help you with all of this and much more. 

ADVANTAGE CLUB® is a cost-effective solution that gives you an unprecedented level of control over your gaming operations. With patron management solutions, loyalty programs, point accrual, machine accounting, monitoring and reconciliation features, and many more benefits, ADVANTAGE CLUB® comes equipped with everything you need to run a successful gaming floor. However, you can also further customise this state-of-the-art management system with additional plug-ins to fine-tune your experience and secure an unparalleled level of convenience. 

Service Window 

IGT’s Service Window is a first in Australia! This handy feature is a small interactive side “window” that allows you to directly talk with your players on any gaming machine. 

Voluntary Pre-Commitment 

Voluntary pre-commitment is a proactive system for a venue's patrons. ADVANTAGE CLUB® comes with a ready-to-go solution, developed in close consultation with government regulators. 

Xtra Credit™  

Differentiate the gaming experience at your venue and reward players with IGT's Xtra Credit™ available on ADVANTAGE CLUB®. 

Local Support 

IGT’s gaming solutions are backed by our committed and dedicated support services. Our locally based teams ensure a five-star implementation with help before, during and after installation. We can also help you create a custom solution for your venue - IGT can tweak your management system or even create a unique solution for you, depending on budget, location and local regulations. 

For 24/7 systems support, please call 1800 448 283.